How much do you charge for carpet cleaning?

Each customer’s carpet has different needs. We will visit your location and give you a free estimate in order to provide you with the best deal possible.

Why are professional services better than renting a machine and cleaning it myself?

The truck mounted machine we use is the most powerful machine available. It extracts more of the dirt, soap, and water than portable machines available for rent. The dirt and soap residue left in the carpet by those machines may cause the carpet to re-soil quickly. We use nothing but neutral cleaners that do not cause re-soiling.

How do I properly care for my carpet in between regularly cleanings?

To prolong the life of your carpet, vacuum regularly. If spills occur, blott with an absorbant cloth. 

What kind of carpets do you clean?

We clean every type of carpet. Why replace your carpet when you can save your carpet? Call 509-925-4242 today for a free estimate!

Pioneer Services Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning